We run a 12 Car Championship every year. This championship comprises 9 rounds.

The events are usually what are known as "12 Car Navigational Rallies", and are held on a Thursday night. Each event has a route of usually around 50 to 60 miles, and starts at 8:00pm, finishing around 9:30 to 10:00. It involves cars being given road rally style navigation, of varying difficulty according to level of expertise, and then having to drive a defined route. On the route they will find "Route Checks", which are boards placed by the side of the road with letters on. These must be recorded on the competitors' Time Cards to avoid penalties. Additionally, there will be a number of "Time Controls" on route, which are points manned by marshals where the competitors' time is recorded, and where additional route information may be given out.

All 12 Car rallies are timed at an average speed of no more than 30mph, in accordance with the Motor Vehicles (Competitions and Trials) Act, and run on roads which remain open to normal traffic. 12 Car Rallies are never allowed to run during daylight hours for safety reasons.

Competitors score for the championship on no more than 5 events in the year, with 6 points being awarded to the winning driver and navigator, 5 for second and so on. In addition, each competitor must marshal on at least 2 events in the year in order to qualify. There are trophies awarded for best driver, navigator and overall competitor (the best competitor who both drives and navigates). Since the beginning of the 2002/3 season, a separate championship has been run for experts.

Note: Until 2004, we ran championships from September to March each winter. From 2004 onwards we have decided to run the championships over a calendar year instead. The five events in early 2004 therefore count for both the 2003/2004 season and the 2004 season.

From 2003 onwards, five very generous sponsors have purchased new trophies for the 12 Car events, and the nine rallies will therefore be known according to the names of the trophies as follows:-

  1. Curtis Memorial Rally - around 2nd Thursday in January
  2. Pete Anable Rally - around three weeks later
  3. Sargent Electrical Rally - around three weeks later
  4. Spectrum Rally - around three weeks later
  5. Cottingham MOT Centre Rally - around 2nd Thursday in October
  6. JMJ Woodworking Rally - around three weeks later
  7. Grovehill Rally - around three weeks later
  8. Westwood Rally - around three weeks later

The dates will inevitably change each year, but should be similar to those shown. The order will always be as given here.

One of our most experienced 12 Car organisers, Mike Petch, has written a series of articles on one of the events he ran, which should hopefully explain better what you could expect. Here are the links, read them in order:-

Click the links below for more details