Supplementary Regulations for all 12 Car Events

  1. Announcement

    Beverley & District Motor Club Ltd. will promote Clubmans permit 12 Car Navigational Rallies on the dates specified on the Championship Webpage.

  2. Jurisdiction

    The events will be held under the general regulations of Motorsport UK (incorporating the provisions of the International Sporting code of the FISA), the club's 12 Car Championship Regulations, these supplementary regulations and any written instructions the promoting club may issue for the event.

  3. Authorisation

    Motorsport UK Permits will be available for inspection at documentation for each event.

  4. Eligibility

    The event is open to fully elected members of the promoting club and to all members of North Humberside Motor Club, Buccaneer Motor Sports Club, Malton Motor Club, York Motor Club, Lindholme Motor Sports Club, Border Motor Club, Selby Motor Club and Grimsby Motor Club.

    The events are all rounds of the club's 12 Car Championship.

  5. Documentation

    Members of the club do not need to produce membership cards, their eligibility will be confirmed by the Club Secretary. Club membership cards for other clubs for both driver and navigator will be inspected at signing on. Additionally drivers must ensure that they have Third Party insurance for the event. Cars must also be taxed where applicable. Cars will be identified by numbers on Time Cards carried by the co-driver. No marking will be applied to cars.

  6. Announcement

    All scrutineering and documentation will take place at the location advised on the club website.

    All competitors must be signed on by 19:45. Any competitor not signed on by this time may be excluded. The first car will start from MTC1 at 20:01 (except for events which start more than 20 minutes travelling time away from Walkington which will start correspondingly later) with subsequent cars at one-minute intervals. The total mileage will be between 40 and 60 miles on public roads.

    The maps required for each event are listed on the club website, as will confirmation of the start time, if different from the standard.

  7. Classes

    There will be three classes, Expert, Semi-Expert and Novice. The club website lists the navigators who are classified as Expert and Semi-Expert. All others will be Novices.

    Standard cars are eligible, as are van derivatives of standard cars. No vehicle subject to a lower speed limit (e.g. larger vans) is eligible. Turbo-charged 4 wheel drive petrol cars are not eligible.

    Competitors are reminded of R.18.6.1 which prevents cars which display advertising from competing.

  8. Awards

    There will be an award for first overall, presented at the club's annual awards dinner.

  9. Entry

    Entries open 20 days prior to the event date (normally the day after the previous event), and close for seeding at 10:00 on the day before the event. Late entries upto 19:45 on the night of the event may be accepted and will run at the back of the field. The entry fee is £5. The Entries Secretary for each event is the Club Secretary, or as otherwise advised by e-mail if the Club Secretary is unavailable. All entries must be made by e-mail or text message to the Entries Secretary.

  10. Entries

    The maximum entry for the meeting is 12. The minimum is 3. Should the minimum figure not be reached the organisers have the right to cancel the meeting. Entries will be accepted on a first come first served basis with priority given to BDMC members upto one week before the event. Any entries received from non-BDMC members will be classified as provisional upto that point, and will then be notified if their entry is accepted. Any competitors whose entry is not accepted and who instead marshal on an event will be guaranteed an entry on the next event.

  11. Officials
    Entry SecretaryClub Secretary
    Club StewardClub Chairman
    Clerk of the Course
    Chief Timekeeper
    Chief Scrutineer
    The organiser identified on the club website

  12. Results

    Provisional results will be published as soon as possible following the end of the event in accordance with D.26.1.2.

    Ties will be decided in accordance with R.15.2.2. No amendment to this is allowed in Final Instructions.

    Results will be declared Final 15 minutes after being announced provisional by the organiser, unless there are any queries. Results will be published on the website promptly after each event by the results co-ordinator.

  13. Protests

    Protests must be lodged in accordance with C.5

  14. Necessary Documentation

    Competitors will be supplied with Route Instructions/Time Cards at signing on and at various points along the route. These documents will provide all the information as specified in R.2.3.2, R.9.1 and R.14

  15. Penalties

    These penalties may not be amended by Final Instructions (Replaces R.13 - Chart 13, and all references are to section R)

    (a) Not reporting at a Main Time Control 1 fail
    (b) Not reporting or reporting OTL at any other Time Control 1 Fail
    (c) Not complying with the route card including visiting a control more than once 1 Fail
    (d) Not reporting at Passage Control or providing proof of visiting a Route Check, or recording a Route Check incorrectly 5 minutes
    (e) Arrival before scheduled time at the end of a Standard Section 2 minutes per minute
    (f) Arrival after due time at the end of a Standard Section 1 minute per minute
    (g) Arrival before due time at the end of a Neutral Section 1 Fail
    (h) Arrival before due time at an intermediate control or finish control of a Regularity Section Actual Time Early
    (j) Arrival after due time at an intermediate control or finish control of a Regularity Section Actual Time Late
    (k) Breach of any statutory requirement concerning the use of a motor vehicle 1 Fail
    (l) Traversing a distance greater than four miles between two consecutive time controls in less than three quarters of the time specified by the official time schedule. In calculating this penalty, any fraction of minute will be ignored, for example:
    (a) In a nine minute section - penalty imposed if a competitor completes a section in less than six minutes.
    (b) In a 10 minute section - seven minutes.
    (c) In an 11 minute section - eight minutes.
    (d) In a 12 minute section - nine minutes.
    1st Offence - 1 Fail
    2nd Offence - Disqualification
    (m) Excessive speed or driving likely to bring motor sport into disrepute Disqualification
    (n) Excessive sound Disqualification
    (o) Receiving assistance contrary to 7.2.4 Disqualification
    (p) Carrying any form of Intercom (i.e. method of voice amplification) or any Radio Transmitting device (except Mobile Telephones, which are permitted). Use of Global Positioning Systems or any other type of position determining device. Disqualification
    (q) Breach of 5.4 (The Crew), 15.1.2 (Not signing Damage Declaration Form), 15.1.4 (damage to car), 9.1.3, 9.1.4 (Give Ways) or 9.1.5, 9.1.6 (Maps & Marking) Disqualification
    (r) Failure to Stop before entering any road protected by a Stop sign or a Give-Way sign, or where specific instruction has been given to stop, providing the marshal observing the junction is following the directions given in these regulations. 1st Offence - 1 Fail
    2nd Offence - Disqualification
  16. General Information

    Final Instructions will be provided at signing on.

    Any crossroads used twice will ensure that the route turns left each time.

  17. Judges of Fact

    All marshals and officials of the event will be appointed Judges of Fact for observing Give Way junctions, unauthorised servicing, false starts, use of auxiliary lights in neutral and transport sections and excessive sound, as described in R.8

  18. Controls

    Controls will open 10 minutes before the first car. Maximum lateness will be 30 minutes unless specified otherwise in the Final Instructions.

    If an official clock fails and cannot be replaced, then the control will assume the status of a Passage Control.

    If a control is known to be unmanned, proceed to the next manned control by the route instructions. Unmanned controls will be advised at the briefing or at MTC1.

    Competitors will be allowed to enter controls early and wait for their time.

    All starters will be classified as finishers unless subject to the penalty of Disqualification. The final control will not be a Main Time Control in order to enable this.

  19. Route Checks

    As per the Motorsport UK rules, all letter boards will be the right way up, facing the oncoming cars, and with a maximum of 7 letters/numbers.
    Furthermore, all boards will be in an easy to spot location where it will be safe for cars to slow or stop to read the board and be clearly visible to following vehicles.
    Boards may be in two pieces, but there will still be no more than 7 letters/numbers and the boards will not overlap.
    Any boards erected on the route are to be recorded by all competitors, regardless of colour or any other condition. Any instruction to the contrary in Final Instructions will be invalid.

  20. Insurance

    The Club will apply to Jelf Motorsport for a Blanket Cover Note under the above scheme. This will provide those competitors who need to use the scheme with Third Party Cover necessery to meet RTA requirements on the Road Sections of the Event. The basic rate before any loadings is currently £15 per car. This figure is arrived at by rounding the premium charged by the insurer to the nearest £5.

    All applicants wishing to use the scheme must be able to complay with all points of the Jelf Motorsport Declaration:-

    • I do not have the Third Party Road Section extension on my current Motor Insurance.
    • I am aged 20 or over.
    • I have had no more than 1 fault claim in the last three years
    • I have no more than maximum of 6 conviction points or a licence ban on my UK driving licence
    • I have the appropriate competition licence (no competition licence is needed for a 12 Car Navigational Rally) as well as a UK/EU driving licence and if my licence is provisional I will be supervised by an adult over 25.
    • I have no physical or mental disabilities
    • My vehicle is MOT’d, Taxed and Insured for the road
    • I have no other material facts to disclose

    Anyone aged less than 20 years old will also be accepted at the same price should their co-driver be a more senior member of their family or over 25.

    If you comply with all points above no Letter of Acceptance will be required. If unable to comply with any of the above points you will be required to complete the Declaration form (the form can be obtained by contacting the event secretary or Jelf Motorsport) which should be forwarded either to the organisers or direct to Jelf Motorsport prior to the event to allow sufficient time for a letter of acceptance to be issued.

    Jelf MotorSport
    Partnership House
    Priory Park East
    Kingston Upon Hull
    HU4 7DY

    Tel + 44 (0) 1482 213215
    Fax + 44 (0) 1482 213216

    Jelf Advert

  21. Unforeseen Circumstances

    The organisers reserve the right to cancel part or the entire event if necessary.