All our 12 cars use Ordnance Survey 1:50000 Landranger Maps, and the navigation used often relies upon competitors having the most recent version of the map. Each event will always specify which versions of the map have been used to prepare the route handouts, and it is unwise to use an older version of the map than the one speciifed, as some details may have changed. If the organiser has not used the most recent map, let them know as soon as possible so they can arrange to check the navigation on the new map.

Older Ordnance Survey Maps used an edition number like A1, A2, B1 etc., but the new maps no longer show these. Where the map has not been revised, the old edition number is given below. New maps now show a month when the map data was last revised, which is also shown below.

The maps we usually use are listed below. The four maps we use most are 100, 101, 106 and 107. The others are used much less often.

This list was last checked on 2nd February 2017

Number Name Old Edition Revised Date
100 Malton & Pickering August 2015
101 Scarborough D3 March 2013
105 York & Selby C4/ November 2013
106 Market Weighton August 2015
107 Kingston upon Hull C2// December 2011
112 Scunthorpe & Gainsborough August 2015
113 Grimsby March 2012

The Ordnance Survey holds a complete list of OS Map Editions.