Latest DateTaskNotes
6 weeks beforeSubmit Route to RLO:-

67 West Park
01757 702048
John is happy to receive routes by e-mail, or by post, and the route must include all controls and checks, including code boards.
If you post the route, please e-mail him to tell him it's been posted, and so he can easily reply.
Please copy in to any e-mails.
Note that all submissions must be on Ordnance Survey maps. If you want to plan the route on Google Maps, then you will need to send Matthew the link to the planned route, and he can convert it to an OS Map format for you.
For some examples of route submissions which John complimented and said they were very easy to read, please see https://cloud.rallies.info/apps/gallery/s/DnTVU1PhZzb8TQo#
5 weeks beforeConfirm the start and finish venue with the pub landlord.Make sure they are happy with the event using their pub.
5 weeks beforeAdvise Matthew of the Start Venue and MapsSo that they can be put on the website and the permit applied for.
3 weeks beforeSend the Navigation to an Expert for CheckingAll navigation MUST be checked and approved before the event
2 weeks beforeExpert to finish checking the routeThis gives them 1 week to reply
2 weeks beforeProvide Chairman (Matthew Atkinson) with proof of route authorisation from RLOIf you don't get RLO approval, the event can't run
Night of the eventSecretary (Graeme Potter) creates and seeds Entry List and circulates it.These will be seeded based on Championship Positions. Organisers must adhere to this Entry List numbering.
Night of the eventAll money and documentation to be handed to a member of the club committee.Preferably the Chairman, Vice-Chairman, Secretary or Treasurer.
1 week afterProvide Treasurer (Graeme Potter) with insurance form and all money.Responsibility of whoever took them on the night.
1 week afterProvide Matthew with resultsTo go on the website.

Template Documents

The documents given here are intended to help organisers to organise consistent events. It is not compulsory to use these documents, but they should make things easier. They are meant to be altered to suit your event, with all the main places you need to altered highlighted in yellow.

Other Documents

The Motorsport UK Blue Book contains all the rules you will need to adhere to. Section R is the Rallying section, make sure you read the parts which apply to Road events rather than stage rallies.

The Championship Regulations and the Event Regulations apply to all events and cannot be amended.

You will also need a copy of the Motorsport UK Permit, the Jelf Insurance Cover Note and the list of PR sensitive areas - these will be e-mailed to you - contact Matthew if you haven't received them.