1. Club Rules
    1. The name of the Club shall be "The Beverley & District Motor Club Limited", hereinafter referred to as "the club".
    2. The club shall be affiliated to the Motor Sports Association and/or any other relevant organising body as approved at the A.G.M.
    3. The annual subscription of the club shall be determined at the Annual General Meeting of the club. The membership year shall be a calendar year. Members who join more than half way through the year to participate in a club event shall be offered half price membership for that year.
    4. All members will be entitled to nominate other members of their family to be associates. These associates, who must all live at the same address as the nominating member, will be entitled to participate in all club events, but only the member will receive a club membership card. Only the member will therefore be able to enter events run by other clubs. Associates will not be entitled to vote at club meetings. All members will be members of the company limited by guarantee Beverley & District Motor Club Limited and must agree to be bound by any legal and statutory requirements that membership of such a Limited Company entails. Any member who the majority of the members present at an A.G.M. vote has provided outstanding service to the club shall have his/her membership extended indefinitely at no further cost. Such members shall be known as life members.
    5. The objects of the club are:-
      1. To foster and encourage motoring activities of all kinds.
      2. To assist members in technical matters.
      3. To organise sporting and social events.
    6. The executive committee, who shall be directors of the company, shall be elected at a general meeting of the club, and shall consist of Chairman, Vice-Chairman, Secretary, Treasurer and Competition Secretary, who shall be known as the officers of the club, and between three and five other committee members. No two members of the same household may serve as committee members at the same time. Committee members will be elected or re-elected at each AGM. Six members shall form a quorum.
    7. All club members are entitled to attend committee meetings subject to the following restrictions:-
      1. Such attendance shall be by prior arrangement with the Secretary or other officer.
      2. Such members are not entitled to vote.
    8. The executive committee may appoint a sub-committee for any specific purpose. The committee will appoint an organiser for each Motorsport UK permit event. This organiser shall, if necessary, appoint his/her own sub-committee.
    9. The chairman shall have a casting vote only.
    10. The annual general meeting shall be held when called by the Secretary. The financial year of the club shall end on the 30th September.
    11. The Officers shall have the power to sign cheques on the club's bank accounts.
    12. The club's auditors shall be elected annually at the annual general meeting.
    13. All matters relating to competitive and sporting events shall be co-ordinated by the Competition Secretary.
    14. A Special General Meeting may be called by the Secretary on the instructions of the executive committee or on receipt of an application signed by no less than twenty members of the club. The executive committee shall meet to discuss the business of the special general meeting before due notice is given.
    15. Every member of the club shall abide by these rules. The executive committee shall have the right to cancel the membership of any member whose conduct it considers to be prejudicial to the welfare of the club.
    16. Any executive committee member not attending two consecutive committee meetings without giving due reason shall be deemed to have resigned from the executive committee.
    17. On the resignation of an officer, the committee shall call a Special General Meeting. In the intervening period, the committee shall have the power to appoint an existing committee member to assume his/her duties.
    18. Any matters not resolved by these rules shall be resolved by the executive committee.
  2. Competition Code of Practice
    1. All members and associates of the club shall be entitled to enter all club events.
    2. All dates and times of the events shall be co-ordinated though the executive committee.
    3. The entry fee for all club night events shall be fixed at the beginning of each calendar year by the executive committee.
    4. Any competitor found cheating on any event shall be excluded from the event.
    5. Competitors shall always deem the organisers to be correct until proven wrong. If there is a complaint about any competition the competitor shall approach the Competition Secretary and the organiser and settle the matter in a peaceful matter. Any violent outburst may jeopardise the claim of the competitor. Any complaint which cannot be settled immediately shall be settled by the executive committee at its next meeting, after written dispensations.
    6. Organisers of events shall arrange loan and return of equipment with the Competition Secretary.
    7. All club night events should aim to finish by 10:00pm.
    8. In the event of a tie on a treasure hunt the team with the least number of competitors shall be deemed the winner.
  3. Club Championships
    1. General
      1. There will be three championships, which will be known as the Thursday Night Championship, the Competitors' Championship and the 12 Car Championship. Club competitions held on a club night will qualify for the Thursday Night Championship, all other events which comply with C.3. below will qualify for the Competitors' Championship. Each championship will be open to both members and associates and will run from January to December each year.
    2. Thursday Night Championship
      1. Points will be awarded as follows:-
        • 1 point for starting
        • plus 9 for first overall
        • 8 for second overall
        • 7 for third overall
        • 6 for fourth overall
        • 5 for fifth overall
        • 4 for sixth overall
        • 3 for seventh overall
        • 2 for eighth overall
        • 1 for ninth overall
        • OR
        • 4 for organising the event
        • 2 for helping or marshalling
      2. If the organiser also competes, he/she can choose to receive points for organising or competing, but not both.
      3. The organiser of an event may specify the maximum number of competitors in a team. If this figure is exceeded each competitor will be awarded one point only, and the team not considered part of the overall placings. Children under 16 years of age will not be counted.
      4. Only members and associates will score championship points for an event. When a new member joins, they will be credited with points for any events they competed in for one month before they joined. When a member renews within 2 months of the start of the new year, they will be entitled to points for all events before they renewed.
    3. Competitors' Championship
      1. This championship consists of six separate categories comprising:
        1. Overall - won by the member scoring the most points in all the other five categories added together.
        2. Autotest - open to competitors in Motorsport UK permit autotests, production car trials, and gymkhanas.
        3. Road Driver - open to drivers in Motorsport UK permit road rallies, or navigational rallies, excluding 12 car navigational rallies organised by Beverley & DMC.
        4. Road Navigator - open to navigators in Motorsport UK permit road rallies, or navigational rallies, excluding 12 car navigational rallies organised by Beverley & DMC.
        5. Stage Driver - open to drivers in Motorsport UK permit stage rallies and multi-use stages, and any similar event organised overseas with the authority of that country's governing body.
        6. Stage Co-Driver - open to co-drivers in Motorsport UK permit stage rallies and muli-use stages, and any similar event organised overseas with the authority of that country's governing body.
      2. In any event not organised by the club, all members should enter B&DMC as their club wherever possible.
      3. Scoring System.
        1. All competitors will receive 10 points for starting an event.
        2. Scoring will be based on classes, as stated in the regulations for the event.
        3. Additional points will be allocated in the following manner:-
          (finishers beaten in class + 1)/(total finishers in class) x 100 PLUS (finishers beaten overall + 1)/(total finishers) x 100
        4. All competitors are considered, regardless of club.
        5. Points will be rounded up to the nearest whole point.
        6. Total finishers in class always include any award winners.
      4. On events not run by the club, it shall be the responsibility of the competitor to ensure that the championship results co-ordinator has a copy of the official results, and entry list, not more than 28 days after the event. This time limit may be extended in certain circumstances at the discretion of the championship co-ordinator.
      5. Organisers of events organised by the club must provide the championship co-ordinator with a copy of the official results and entry list.
    4. 12 Car Championship
      1. The 12 Car Championship is governed by it's own rules.
  4. Awards
    1. The executive committee will decide the Enthusiasts Award. No member of the executive committee shall be eligible for this award. The Competition Secretary shall decide the Marshal's Award, which will be open to all members apart from the Competition Secretary.
    2. The club trophies shall be awarded as follows:-
      • Competitors' Championship:-
        • Overall - The Norwood Trophy
        • Autotest - The B&DMC Rose Bowl
        • Road Driver - The Gunner's Road Rally Trophy
        • Road Navigator - Molescroft
        • Stage Driver - The East Riding Factors Trophy
        • Stage Co-Driver - The JMJ Woodworking Trophy
      • Others:-
        • First Treasure Hunt - Piston Broke Trophy
        • Thursday Night Winner - The Thursday Night Cup
        • Thursday Night First Lady - The Ladies Cup
        • Thursday Night Junior (under 16 on 1st January) - The Kids Cup
        • Gymkhana - A trophy
        • Easter Eggstravaganza - A trophy
    3. The named rally trophies will be awarded at the discretion of the organising team of the appropriate rally.
    4. The 12 Car trophies will be awarded as per the 12 Car Championship Rules.
    5. Only members and associates will be eligible for awards or trophies.

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