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ERSR will offset their CO2e for the 3rd year

February 22, 2024

The 2024 East Riding Stages Rally, which takes place in Beverley this weekend, will once again officially offset their CO2e.

In 2022 the East Riding Stages was the first UK rally to offer competitors the opportunity to offset their emissions from their fuel usage.

In 2023, the event offset 51 tonnes of CO2e - part of the event's continuing environmental roadmap as it works towards mitigating its carbon footprint.

In partnership with Carbon Positive Motorsport for the third year, the rally will continue to offset the emissions created from spectator travel, as well as those created by the competitors and from the organiser's vehicles.

Photo thanks to JEP

East Riding Stages Event Director Richard Vincent gives his perspective: "Whatever our hobbies are, they're going to impact on the environment in one way or another. The real question is, what are you going to do about it?

"I love rallying and I’ve been involved in the sport one way or another ever since I was 14 years old. But if I want to ensure that rallying stays around for the next two or three generations, then I have to look at the way I live my life.

"In particular I wanted to explore what I could do, as the Event Director of Yorkshire's first closed road rally, to make a difference to the environment and to reduce the impact of the event."

"The East Riding Stages is proud to be leading the way towards making motorsport more sustainable together with Carbon Positive Motorsport."

Steve Smith, co-founder of Carbon Positive Motorsport added, "We are extremely proud to support Beverley & District Motor Club's environmental plans, and this year we are using our  200% positive level of offsetting, where 100% of the total CO2 is offset immediately through carbon reduction units and an equivalent amount will be offset in the future, using projects in development via pending issuance units.

"The PIU offsets come from high quality, verified and registered tree planting and rewilding schemes, that actually take place here in the UK, meaning that we can put more back into the environment than we take out."

Richard Vincent added, "We are delighted that our competitors and spectators continue to support our event's belief that everyone should be embracing carbon offsetting. As a committee, we believe that we need to take a proactive approach to cement our sport's future for many years to come."

The East Riding Stages Rally takes place on 25 February 2024.

#ERSR23 winners David Henderson and Chris Lees on their way to a second victory. Photo JEP

To offset your carbon emissions from motorsport, visit Carbon Positive Motorsport 



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