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The BDMC 12 Car Championship

Beverley & District Motor Club is once again running their popular 12 Car Navigational Rally Championship in 2022.  


The Championship consists of eight events run between January and March and October to December. Events are held on a Thursday night, starting at 20:00 and finishing around 22:30. 


Each 12 Car is organised by a different club member, who plans events using one or more of OS Maps 100, 101, 106 and 107. Events have a route of around 50 to 60 miles.

Crews are given road rally style navigation, of varying difficulty according to their level of expertise, for a defined route. En route, they must record check boards on their Time Cards to avoid penalties. Additionally, they must visit Controls manned by marshals who record times, and who may give out route information. All 12 Car rallies are timed at an average speed of no more than 30mph and run on roads which remain open to normal traffic.

Competitors score for the championship on no more than 5 events in the year, with 12 points awarded to the winning driver and navigator, 11 for second and so on. In addition, each competitor must marshal on at least one event in the year in order to qualify. There are trophies awarded for best driver, navigator and overall competitor (the best competitor who both drives and navigates). We also run a separate championship for expert crews.



The Spectrum 12 Car Navigational Rally

Due to Covid, this event has been postponed to a date later in the year.

This event will now be on 6th October 2022

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