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Full Entry for the East Riding Stages Rally 2024

12 January 2024


Beverley & District Motor Club is excited to announce a full entry list of 150 cars for the East Riding Stages Rally, scheduled for February 25, 2024.


The impressive entry list highlights the event's growing stature as a key fixture in the UK's motorsport calendar, being one of only five closed road rallies in the country. The support from enthusiastic competitors reflects the event's growing popularity, and the rally is set to be a spectacular showcase of motorsport talent.

Cars at the FanZone in Beverley for the start of the East Riding Stages Rally

"We're absolutely delighted with the overwhelming response from competitors and thrilled with the full entry list, " said Matthew Atkinson, the Clerk of the Course for the event. "The 2024 rally is shaping up to be a phenomenal event, and we're eager to deliver an unforgettable experience for both participants and spectators."


In an exciting development for 2024, this year's rally will feature a new Spectator Superspecial Stage. Taking place across Beverley Westwood, the Superspecial offers spectators a unique and thrilling view of the action just a short walk from the FanZone. 


The rally once again begins with a ceremonial start in the FanZone, based in Beverley Saturday Market, setting the stage for a day of competitive rallying. The ceremonial finish will feature a parc exposé, offering a chance to meet the rally crews, learn about the cars, and get a behind-the-scenes look at the world of rallying, before competitors gather for the trophy presentation.

Cars at the FanZone in Beverley for the start of the East Riding Stages Rally

Both the FanZone and the Superspecial stage are completely free for spectators, connecting spectators more closely with the event, right in the heart of Beverley, thanks to our collaboration with Visit East Yorkshire.


The 2024 rally is expected to attract a wide audience, from local residents to motorsport enthusiasts from across the country. 


With the interactive FanZone bridging the gap between fans and competitors, the Club hope to foster a deeper appreciation for the sport, attracting new fans and encouraging local residents to join as new members.


“We aim to create an accessible and engaging environment that can be enjoyed by everyone, from seasoned motorsport enthusiasts, to families looking for a fun day out. The event is a perfect opportunity to experience the excitement of rallying firsthand  and we hope that will spark interest in motorsport among the community." said Cat Lund, the rally’s FanZone Director.


Beverley & District Motor Club run events throughout the year that are designed to be accessible to anyone who can sit in or drive a car, emphasising that involvement in motorsport is not just for professional drivers, but open to all enthusiasts.


“We hope this event will be a gateway for many to discover a new passion and become active members of our vibrant motorsport community,” she added.


"We would also like to extend our gratitude to our sponsors, marshals, and volunteers, whose commitment is crucial to the success of the event. Their contributions are immensely appreciated."


"The 2024 rally is shaping up to be an extraordinary event, and we're eager to provide an unforgettable experience for participants and fans alike."


Cars at the FanZone in Beverley for the start of the East Riding Stages Rally

As the East Riding Stages Rally approaches, Beverley & District Motor Club invites everyone to join us to experience the thrill of rallying in a welcoming atmosphere in Beverley on 25 February.



For more information, please contact our press officer

Peter Scherer 




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