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The Story Behind The Stages - Wawne Common

Sponsored by Evans Halshaw Vauxhall, Hull

We are delighted to have Evans Halshaw Vauxhall on board to support our rally as sponsors of Stage 1: Wawne Common.

In addition we are very grateful to them for supporting our safety cars, the convoy of vehicles that precede the rally cars. The safety cars ensure that the stages have all been set up in accordance with Motorsport UK's safety guidelines and check that all spectators are standing in safe and secure areas.

Evans Halshaw have been around since 1927 and their heritage means they strive to tailor each experience to the customer's needs, offering a wide range of new and used cars at the greatest possible value.

They are proud to hold franchises to retail and service 11 brands for cars, vans and trucks, including Citroën, Dacia, DAF, DS, Ford, Hyundai, Kia, Nissan, Peugeot, Renault and Vauxhall.

They have chosen to sponsor a classic road rally selective. Just 4.5miles from Beverley town centre, Wawne Common would have been the first road tackled by crews when the Beaver Rally started from the Saturday market, back in the 70’s & 80’s.

The stage starts just south of Routh Church on a narrowish 2 lane carriageway. Crews immediately face a number of very tight 90’s and hairpins before a couple of long straights either side of a fast left hander.

The road then passes the site of an old Cistercian Abbey. The Domesday Book records that in 1066, Ulf Fenman held the lordship, this transferring in 1086 to Drogo la Beuvrière, who was also Tenant-in-chief to William I, and who disappeared from the history books after accidentally poisoning his wife.

Moving along the stage, crews have to tackle a chicane ahead of a 90 left under trees. Tree cover continues for about 300m before the road exits the trees with a lovely left right kink before another straight, along which the crews will be pushing the cars over to the right hand side of the road to take a tightened Left, right, left sequence of 90s.

A long narrow bumpy straight takes crews to the first of three bridges on this stage. A member of the public has smashed a hole in the bridge parapet before ending in the drain below. We would ask that crews don’t follow his lead!!

After the bridge the road bends left and then right before the second, much tighter bridge. The road then makes its way across open fields, with ditches in places, before arriving at the third bridge just after a T right. Prior to the T junction crews will have a sequence of bales to weave around. These are there to protect the cars from a deep drain, please don’t try and be brave here, co-drivers hate getting wet paperwork!!

The final mile of so of the stage is a mixture of long fast curves with a couple of bad compressions thrown in, and a left at T. Following last weekend’s rain, the section after the T junction was riddled with puddles, on Tuesday the puddles had gone, but if it rains between now and then, they may be back.


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